The Experience

You decide you want to find that woman that you know is in you. You contact me. You tell me your ideas, I tell you mine. We create a pinterest board, don't worry if you don't know what or how to use it I will help you. I will give you a detailed guide about the whole experience. I will be here anytime to answer any questions you may have. I will contact you a few days before your shoot to check in and go over any details. The big day comes, we meet at the venue of your choice. You relax and get pampered with hair and makeup. I check out your wardrobe and put together a few looks that I know will enhance your best features. We get your first look on, chit-chat like old friends and laugh away the nerves. I will show you exactly what to do. We change looks and keep shooting. By the end of your session you won't believe it's over and how much fun you had. The next day I send you a teaser image. You cannot believe that is YOU! In about 3 weeks we meet up again for coffee or a cocktail and review your images. I will show you a custom album layout I designed! You want all the images. You order your album. You leave with a big dose of confidence. You get your album, you give it to your sweetheart or keep it for yourself. Then you can't wait to do it all over again!


Why Boudoir…

I’ll start with the basics. I am a wife, a mom, a creative and a photographer. Most importantly a photographer to the fun, the flirty, and the feminine. I am about womanhood. I am about embracing womanhood. I am about BEING womanhood. Wether you are 20 or 80, I am about you embracing your femininity, being the woman you are, and the woman you want to be. 

So let me tell you a little about myself. I have always been one of the lucky ones whom people would say “you look SO MUCH younger than you are! You will appreciate THAT when you are older.” I know everyone had their best intentions with what they thought were kind words. However to me, they held me back. They stopped me from embracing who and what I was. A WOMAN! I remember when I got engaged, I was on cloud nine, yet I felt like a child. I felt not OLD enough to be getting married. Well I got married anyways (I am happy to say best.decision.ever.) Then I got pregnant, the most womanly thing I could do, yet I still didn’t FEEL feminine, I didn’t feel like a woman.Then I had that baby (three now!), naturally, in a tub (the most proud moment of my life, so proud in fact I shared it with the whole recovery unit post ACL reconstructive surgery). Little did I know THAT surgery would CHANGE. MY. LIFE! In my highly medicated state I decided to email my wedding photographer. A photographer I admired (obviously she captured the most important day of my life!) but also a PERSON I admired. She LIVED herself in her work. Her passion and love radiates in her photographs. I laid there in bed thinking, I want that! Not just being an amazing photographer, but truly living her passion. I wanted THAT. She gave me the most honest, truthful advice I had received from someone in a long time, and that was it! I got the ball rolling on embracing who I was, what I was, and how I was going to be me!

So I know, if you made it this far in my bio, you are probably thinking ok great WHAT does ALL of that have to do with you taking my photos??? Well, IT HAS EVERYTHING to do with me taking your photos. That moment I decided that I was going to CHANGE MY LIFE! I was going to not let all of those “kind words of youth” hold me back. I was going to embrace the FUN, the FLIRTY, and the FEMININE WOMAN that I was and that I AM! 

My journey in finding my self, my woman, my femininity is helping you to find, feel, and embrace your womanhood, and your femininity NOW! If you can relate to needing that reminder of WHO you are, lets go grab a coffee, chit-chat like old friends, and let me help you remember the woman that you are. 



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