Warning...this might be "offensive"

In response to those whom "find this very offensive and shouldn't be allowed anywhere" first of all, know I kindly deleted your comment because I found it offensive to the beautiful woman in the photo, and my job is not to make them feel offensive or ashamed. I am here to empower women, to make them feel beautiful at any shape and size, and lastly to make them feel sexy. Most of these women have never done a boudoir shoot before, in fact I think I have only photographed one woman who has ever done a boudoir shoot, not to mention most have never even had professional photos of themselves. For them this is an opportunity to see themselves as the amazing, beautiful, inspiring women they are.  

As an outsider who may not know or understand boudoir photography let me enlighten you. Boudoir photography is not just about sex. Yes, many women have boudoir photos taken for their significant other, but what most women leave with a gift for THEMSELVES! They leave with confidence, a self-esteem boost, and a positive outlook on themselves and their body. For you to say they are offensive is the complete opposite of what I do! I help women celebrate who they are; girlfriends, wives, mothers and let them know its ok to feel good about yourself and to feel sexy. I let them know there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Most come back and say to me "I can't believe that is me!" "Is it weird that I want to hang this photo of myself in my house?!" No, not at all is the answer to that! However, in todays society women are taught to think shamefully about themselves, they are taught to sexualize every aspect of their body. They are told if you cover up you are a prude, if you flaunt too much you are a slut. There is no safe median for women today, and sadly most of this shaming comes from other women. I am here to help women embrace their bodies and love their bodies for everything they are and do.

More importantly than what I do as a photographer is what these women who allow me to post their photos do. They are happy, brave, confident women who allow me to show other women its ok to be happy, brave, and confident too. It's ok to feel beautiful at any size, and it is ok to feel sexy. To all the women who allow me to do this THANK YOU and I SALUTE YOU! Thank you for being amazing, thank you for being beautiful, thank you for being brave, thank you for being confident and thank you most of all for allowing me show the world your beauty.